The Flex Mini® vs. Magnum Perfect Squat

The Magnim Perfect Squat is a heavy duty piece of exercise equipment that facilitates squat exercises. The metal frame apparatus basically enables users to do squats without a spotter since rather than use a free weight bar, which is risky to do when an individual is alone, the Magnim Perfect Squat uses a lever system and padded shoulder rests. The plate posts enable the user to customize his or her resistance levels. Weight plates are not included with the Magnim Perfect Squat.

For those who do not know, the squat is a basic weightlifting routine that primarily works the lower body. The Magnim Perfect Squat weighs three hundred pounds and is nearly six feet tall and five feet deep. It is sold through at least one online retailer, Unique Fitness Concepts. They charge $1,805 for the Magnim Perfect Squat. Shipping is offered only to United States customers and costs $150 no matter which state the customer resides in. They offer no bonus materials with the Magnim Perfect Squat other than two weight storage pegs and they cover the device with a 30 day return policy.

 The Flex MIniMagnum Perfect Squat
How much does it cost?The Flex Mini costs $199.99.$1,805 plus $150 shipping to United States residents.
Does it require assembly?No, the Flex mini does not require assembly. It comes ready to go.YES, it would seem that a machine of these dimensions would require assembly.
Are there any 3rd party clinical trials to back up the claims?YES there was a very comprehensive clinical study conducted. The results showed that 100% of users said it worked in some way. 92% said it was easy to fit into their daily return. 90% were more toned and firmed.NO. We found no published 3rd party studies regarding the Magnim Perfect Squat.
Is it FDA cleared? Please note that most products are not required to be FDA Cleared. This is a status that makes the Flex Mini unique.Yes Ė the Flex Mini is the first and currently the only of its kind to be cleared by the FDA for Toning, Tightening and Lifting the Butt and Backs of the Thighs.NO. There was no mention of FDA clearance, but exercise machines such as Magnim Perfect Squat generally do not require clearance.
Do you need exercise while using it?NO. You put the FLEX MINI on, turn it on, and it does all the work for you using electronic muscle stimulation to perfectly contract and work all the muscles in your butt and backs of the thighs.YES. This is a traditional weightlifting apparatus.
Do you need to focus on your form?No you donít need to even think about form. The FLEX MINI keeps track of the intensity and duration of the concentrated muscle contractions for you.YES. You want to be careful not to hurt yourself while using the Magnim Perfect Squat.
When can you use it?You can get a concentrated rear end workout while you are doing your make-up, at work, watching TV, surfing the net, folding laundry, cooking, talking on the phone, helping the kids with their homework...virtually anywhere and anytime.When you can spend time exercising with this apparatus.
Can you tone other parts of the body?YES, you can add accessories to your order that are specifically designed and fitted to be worn on other parts of the body. There is one for the stomach and another for the arms. These accessories are individually FDA Cleared for toning, strengthening, and firming their specific body parts. Click here to learn more about the Flex Range of products.NO. Squats primarily work the lower body.
Is it portable? How big is it?YES, is it very portable. It is about the size of a pair of shorts. It comes with a free travel pouch and weighs less than one poundNO. The Magnim Perfect Squat weighs 300 pounds.
Is it discreet?YES, the Mini is very fitted to the buttocks and back of the thighs and not bulky in any way. The remote is very small and tucks away in a small pouch on the side. You can wear it discretely under clothing and while doing virtually anything.NO. You cannot conceal the Magnim Perfect Squat or the fact that you are using it.
Does it require hard work or motivation?NO, you do not need to exercise or break a sweat during a toning session. You donít need to find time for the gym and it requires no energy to give your entire rear end a very concentrated workout.YES. It will take determination to commit to a regular squat regimen.
Does it require batteries?No. It comes with a rechargeable power supply unit.NO. The Magnim Perfect Squat is a manual apparatus.
What is the "Satisfaction Guarantee" period?For a full 60-Days any order can be returned for a full refund.30 Days
What is the "Product Warranty" period?If there is any problem with your Flex Mini it can be exchanged for a new unit for a full Two Years from your original purchase date.None specified
Do they ship internationally?YES. The FLEX Mini is currently shipped to over 100 countries. Check our order page for a list of all the countries we ship to.NO
Do they have toll free ordering and customer service?YES: (800) 222-7154. Our friendly customer service staff is available to help you between 9am Ė 6pm MST.YES
Is there bonus material with your order?YES! Your Flex Mini Order Comes with a full 1-Year subscription presented by our sponsors to either Fitness or Elle magazines (A Retail Value of $50!).Two storage pegs for plates (value unknown)
What is the delivery time for domestic orders?1 week or less.Up to three weeks